Granada is growing with projects spaces and businesses that increasingly think of families.  There is a high quality of life for families: mountain, snow, beach and good weather.

And now you also have a place to work remotely.

Are you a mother o father freelance, creatives or independent business owners?

CoFamily Coworking is the best solution for you and your kids

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The place we´ve been needing for so long! The childcare for our daughter is first-rate, in a warm and caring space, combined with a workspace that´s trendy, practical and equipped with all the necessary facilities. The whole family is happy here!

Erica BarlowTeacher of English and Blogger

coworking with nursery in granada spain

CoFamily coworking is a shared space for coworkers families. Our community are Spanish and foreign professional mothers and fathers who search a more flexible and collaborative space for their work.

Share experiences and culture with other families!

nursery and coworking in spain

CoFamily Coworking with nursery offers a unique service for coworkers families. CoBaby is a space prepared and cared for your children between 6 months to 4 years of age. We have 2 educators with provide a daily routine

meeting room coworking with kids

The meeting room is included in the CoFamily Coworking price. You can have your meetings online and in person if you need it.

Interested in our rates?

Our pricing depend on how much time you need to work. 2 days a week / month? 5 days week / month? You choose.

Our work day are:

Mornings: 09:30 AM – 14:30 PM
Afternoons: 16:00 PM – 19:30 PM

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Coworking with nursery Spain
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