Welcome to CoFamily!

A Coworking space specially designed to achieve a real work-life balance.

cofamily coworking

Right in the center of Granada you have the perfect place you were looking for.

CoFamily is a dynamic collaborative space for those committed with a family-friendly work environment.

CoFamily Coworking

Find your own way

Just Coworking

Just Coworking

On the first floor, coworking with different modalities: Fixed or shared table, whole day or per hour rent. Ideal for those looking for a traditional coworking place where make connections and boost your business.

Coworking with Childcare

Freelance parents

On the ground floor the perfect space for freelancers, entrepreneurs and working families who want to prioritize their career without getting away from their child. Come with them to work!

Our CoBaby

Growing Together

In our CoBaby you will find our dedicated educators which not only will take care of your child but also will help them to explore and discover the world. You will never miss your child progress just because your need to work!

Meeting Room

Free for our Coworkers

Are you looking for a space for your work meeting, workshop or conference. Do you want to organize a special event? We have the perfect space for you.


What our Coworkers say about us

Padre coworker

En Cofamily puedo hacer todo eso al mismo tiempo que mi hijo juega y se relaciona con otros niños, y con la tranquilidad de saber que si me necesita -o yo le necesito a él- sólo tengo que cruzar una puerta.

Padre coworker

Nacho Segura
Madre Coworkers

Hace 9 años mi socia y yo creamos nuestra empresa de diseño gráfico y programación web Desvío21. Trabajo entre Madrid y Granada, y ahora desde CoFamily, que me ayuda a conciliar la vida familiar y laboral ¡gracias!

Madre Coworkers

Sara García Abril
CoFamily Plans


Different options suited to your particular needs. Are you a freelance mother or father? Are you a digital nomad? Or designer that needs a fixed space?

Coworking & CoBaby

250/ month
Never miss the daily routine of your child while you stay connected to your work. Rates adjusted to the number of days needed.
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Bono/10 day

35/ month
If you have older children or you are not yet a parent, you have a special workspace for you.Take advantage of reduced fees if you book 6 months or more.
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Events Space

10/ hour
For your meetings or special events. Use it for free if you are one of our coworkers.
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¿Cómo funciona un Coworking Familiar?

¡Es lo que nos diferencia! Te lo explican nuestros coworkers.

CoFamily Coworking means thinking on:



In our space there are many ideas and creativity, from coworkers, teams and partners. Boost your work or project by entering a dynamic community.


Friendly Spaces

CoFamily Coworking revolves around its community. In order for our coworkers to be satisfied, we must also keep in mind the young ones in the design of our spaces. Make yourself at home.



Spaces can have a positive impact on your professional life. For us it is important to create a comfortable environment where you can feel at ease, having a coffee, resting or creating ties with other coworkers.