Coworking and Cobaby

The best solution for working families

Many foreign families arrive in Granada because of their family lifestyle. In CoFamily Coworking you can find a family community quickly, keep working remotely and find a family childcare space for your children.

coworking space and flexible nursery

Coworking space and Flexible Cobaby

You have a workspace with all the comforts that coworking facilities offer, plus the possibility of using our nurturing ´Cobaby´ childcare facility for your little one. This will give them the best start in their early childhood education.

Coworking and Cobaby pricing options

Choose the days you want to come with your kid

3 days

Almost the perfect balance between the time for your work in CoFamily and the free days a week.

4 days

Choose 4 days a week. Remember that they do not have to be fixed. Flexibility in all our plans.

5 days

Your workload is high. The good, your little one will enjoy more of the educational proposal of our Cobaby.


Monday to Friday

9:30AM – 2:30PM


Flexible solution

Professional and functional spaces

Free Meeting Room for coworkers


Age: 6 months to 3 years

Daily routine and educational proposal

Others plans

If you are returning to work and you want to do it slowly. Or you just need to work a few days a week, you have these options


Choose 2 days a week and start SLOW with only 2 and a half hours. Choose mornings from 09:30 -12: 00 or half day from 11:00AM - 1:30PM hrs.
Do you want more days?

Bono semanal

Do you need only a few weeks? You can come with your child to work from 2 days a week. Ideal if you were already part of the CoBaby.
Contact us

Encarni, our childcare professional

At Cobaby, we are inspired by the Reggio Emilia method, where kids and babies are the center by encouraging their curiosity and autonomy with daily activities that stimulate their imagination and strengthen the way of understanding each other in the best way with other kids.

nursery in CoFamily Granada spain

What are you most interested in?

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Coworking and cobaby

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